Yard Sales

Residents must obtain a permit 7 days before holding a yard sale. Permits are available at the Municipal Clerk’s office at no charge. Name and telephone number are not required to be advertised.

Please contact the Municipal Clerk Office for more information.

Municipal Clerk

(856) 423-0654 ext. 116 or ext. 104

Yard Sale Information

  • Sales hours not to exceed 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  • Sales may only last 3 days and be held only twice per calendar year.
  • Signs and advertisements must contain address, dates of sale and permit number.
  • Group sales being held at one property need only one permit.
  • Neighborhood sales need a permit for each address but only street name and one permit number on the advertisement.
  • Signs may not exceed 24”x24” and must be removed within 48 hours. Signs may not be posted on utility poles.
  • Permit shall be obtained 7 days in advance of sale. If sale is cancelled inform Clerks office and report new date.
  • *Refer to ordinances #18, 30 and 33-2009 for full details.
  • As per ordinance (16.42.040) Temporary signs advertising events such as fairs, bazaars, auctions, garage sales and other special activities, including political signs and posters, shall be erected or placed so as not to obstruct or obscure visibility at corners or intersections, or otherwise cause a traffic safety hazard. Such signs shall not be placed within the right-of-way of any street.