Council on Affordable Housing

Each town must offer its “fair share” of affordable housing as determined by the State of New Jersey. These units are always in different stages of availability.

They can be for purchase, rental or may be filled to capacity. In order to apply for housing the applicant must fill out the Affordable Housing Referral Form and turn it in to the Housing Liaison in the Municipal Clerk’s Office.

The liaison will date stamp the application and forward it to the appointed Administrative Agent who will then contact the applicant. The Administrative Agent will gather all information necessary and explain the process to the applicant. If there are units available that fit the needs of the applicant and the applicant meets all of the requirements the application is put into a lottery system for the available units.

Preliminary Application Affordable Housing



Elizabeth McGill

(856) 423-0654 ext. 104
(856) 224-0296

Escrow Clerk

Stephanie McCaffrey

(856) 423-0654 ext. 116
(856) 224-0296

Administrative Agent

Patricia Gallagher

CME Associates
(732) 462-7400

COAH Planner

Joseph Augustyn

CME Associates
(717) 462-7400
(732) 409-0756